Yoram Koren’s Patents

Robotics and Mobile Robots:

1. Obstacle-Avoiding Navigation System.
Inventors: J. Borenstein, Y. Koren and S. Levine.
US patent #5,006,988 Issue date 4/9/1991.

2. Inflatable, Articulated Structure Robot.
Inventors: Y. Koren and Y. Winestein.
US Patent #5,065,640 Issue date 11/19/1991.

3. Error Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing for Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance.
Inventors: J. Borenstein and Y. Koren
US Patent #5,239,515 Issue date 8/24/1993.

4. Bi-Axial Coplanar Apparatus.
Inventors: R. Katz, Y. Koren, F. Pierre, and Z. Li
US patent #6,557,235 Issue date 5/6/2003

Flexible Automation:

5. Model-Based Position-Repeatable Disturbance Compensation.
Inventors: Y. Koren and C.C. Lo.
US patent #5,374,884 Issue date 12/20/1994.

6. Human Disturbance Modeling for Adaptive Control of Human-Machine Systems.
Inventors: D. Bell, S. Levine, Y. Koren, and L. Bell.
US patent #5,555,495 Issue date 9/10/1996.

7. Precision Positioner for a Cutting Tool Insert.
Inventors: P. Szuba, B.K. Min, G. O’Neal, Z. Pasek, and Y. Koren
US patent #6,062,778 Issue date 5/16/2000.

Reconfigurable Manufacturing:

8. Reconfigurable Machine Tool.
Inventors: Y. Koren and S. Kota
US patent #5,943,750 Issue date 8/31/1999.

9. Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Having
a Production Capacity, Method for Designing Same,
and Method for Changing its Production Capacity
Inventors: Y. Koren and G. Ulsoy.
US patent #6,349,237 Issue date 2/19/2002.

10. Reconfigurable Apparatus for Inspection During a Manufacturing Process and Related Method
Inventors: Y. Koren and R. Katz
US patent #6,567,162 Issue date May 20, 2003.

11. Reconfigurable Multi-Spindles Apparatus
Inventors: Y. Koren, Y. Moon, and S. Kota
US patent #6,569,071 Issue date May 27, 2003.

12. Integrated Reconfigurable Manufacturing System.
Inventors: Y. Koren and R. Hill
US patent #6,920,973 Issue date July 26, 2005.

13. Reconfigurable Inspection Apparatus to Measure Surface
Finish on Curved Surfaces and Related Methodology (Cylinder bore inspection)
Inventors: S. Segall and Y. Koren
US patent #7,027,145 Issue date April 11, 2006.

14. Reconfigurable Linescan Illumination.
Inventors: G. Abramovich, Z. Warlick, and Y. Koren
US patent #7,168,822 Issue date January 30, 2007.