The Global Manufacturing Revolution
Product-Process-Business Integration & Reconfigurable Manufacturing

Wiley, New-Jersey 2010


For a manufacturing enterprise to succeed in this current volatile economic environment, a revolution is needed in restructuring its three main components: product design, manufacturing, and business model.

the global manufacturing revolution

The Global Manufacturing Revolution is the first to focus on these issues. Based on the author’s long-standing course work at the University of Michigan, this unique volume proposes new technologies and new business strategies that can increase an enterprise’s speed of responsiveness to volatile markets, as well as enhance the integration of its own engineering and business.

Introduced here are innovations to the entire manufacturing culture:

An original approach to the analysis of manufacturing paradigms

• Suggested methods for developing creativity in product design

• A quantitative analysis of manufacturing system configurations

• An original approach to using information technology for workforce empowerment

• A new manufacturing “reconfigurable” paradigm, in which the speed of responsiveness is the prime business goal

The book also offers analysis and original models of previous manufacturing paradigms’ technical and business dimensions—including mass production and mass customization—in order to fully explain the current revolution in global manufacturing enterprises. In addition, 200 original illustrations and pictures help to clarify the topics.

Globalization is creating both opportunities and challenges for companies that manufacture durable goods. The tools, theories, and case studies in this volume will be invaluable to engineers pursuing leadership careers in the manufacturing industry, as well as to leaders of global enterprises and business students who are motivated to lead manufacturing enterprises and ensure their growth.

Robotics for Engineers.
McGraw-Hill Book Co. New York, 1985
One of the very first books on robotics, regarded by experts as the best
introductory book to the robotics topic,
still contains the scientific basis of kinematics and controls of robot arms.
The book was translated to Japanese and French,
and received the Dori Award.

robotics for engineers
textbook diagram
computer control of manufacturing systems

Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems
McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1983
This book received the 1984 Merchant’s Textbook Award of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

This is an original book that explains the scientific principles and design of CNC for machines,
including interpolation, control loops, and adaptive control. It contains an introduction to FMS
and robotics, and an excellent chapter on APT, which explains how to program machines.

The book opened a new worldwide research field and a new education discipline. Many universities
around the world started to offer classes on this topic.

The book was translated to Chinese. Over 20,000 copies of this book were sold during the years. Impressively, 470 copies were sold in the period July 2009 to December 2009.

Numerical Control of Machine Tools
Koren, Y. and Ben-Uri, J.:
Khanna Publishers, Delhi, 1978
A unique book that explains the principles of numerical control of machine tools.

fundamental research in manufacturing for national competitiveness book

Fundamental Research in Manufacturing for National Competitiveness
A plan with concrete recommendations for Long-Range Economic Growth.

Published in March 1992. Click link above to view report.


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